What can one million surveys teach you?

Healthcare leaders have used our culture of safety survey analytics solution -- Pascal HealthBench -- almost one million times to help identify unsafe hospital environments that may lead to harm, and work to improve them. Our integrated service also measures employee engagement, burn-out, and a variety of other risk-related factors where required.

Pascal delivers much more than a survey instrument. Pre-survey and post-survey support on an ongoing basis can make the difference between generating data that is credible for intervention or data that leaves improvement efforts dead in the water. Our survey solution enables hospitals to take an accurate, metrics-driven approach to improving clinical environments, helping establish a culture of safety, engagement, and resilience.

Key features of our survey solution include:

  • Survey Design - We work with you to design a survey best positioned to deliver insights, not just data. That could be the SAQ or HSOPS safety surveys, or a custom survey of your design.
  • Population Mapping - We dive deep into unit-level dynamics to create survey structures that provide an understanding of performance through many different lenses.
  • Survey Administration - Our survey is fielded through email, web - and even paper where necessary -  to ensure maximum reach, response rate, and effectiveness.
  • Analytics & Reporting - Our flexible data model allows users to explore and analyze survey data however they see fit. This includes longitudinal view, multiple ways of looking at the unit, and more.
  • Results Briefing - Our survey instrument experts spend time with hospital leadership and the front line, reviewing survey data and recommending improvement next-steps.
  • Ongoing Support - We train hospital teams on all aspects of cultural assessment, and provide 24/7 support via web, email and phone.

We deliver real and measurable results because we combine the right clinical methodology and the right technology to support scale and cost-effective execution.

Our methodology is designed to create enduring change across healthcare organizations, everywhere from the front line to the executive offices. It's been developed by our team of experts in safety, quality and process improvement, in concert with Collaborative partners. Our technology platform helps them execute on their vision. That's our sweet spot--bringing together the methodology and the technology needed to achieve results.


We have developed a results-oriented and clinically rich application model through more than 100 years of combined experience creating safer and more reliable healthcare delivery.

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Pascal HealthBench supports all of our applications as the first patient safety SaaS platform in healthcare, and is used by many of the world's leading healthcare delivery systems.

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Our solutions are developed to lead to measurable impact where it matters, for the hospital and the patient. We look forward to opportunities to measure that impact with you.

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