How will you implement and run your PSO?

Our  PSO Foundation Subscriptions are intended to be combined and configured based on consultation with the client partner. The offering is designed to support a client that may want to start just with the PSO Engagement, add additional services, or use all of the services together.

Depending on the client need, Pascal can tailor the solution.

Starter Subscription:

  • Leadership Engagement: High-level PSO education and training for senior executives and key leaders, especially for those involved in safety, quality, and risk
  • Safety Coaching: Education on patient safety and high reliability, with a focus on identifying and reducing adverse events in clinical programs

  • Safety Advisories: Notifications of safety insights, learnings, and/or recommendations of a timely nature communicated to Client on a rolling basis

  • Operational Training: Education and training at how PSO-compliant operations work in the Pascal PSO, tailored for the solution selected by Client

  • Technology Platform: Data Management [ongoing]: provision of hyper-secure, compliant infrastructure to handle the storage and management PSO protected data

Standard Subscription:

Adds the following components to the Starter Subscription

  • Improvement Training: Training on reliability improvement, relying on sound epidemiology and best practices in building capacity to improve the safety, quality, and risk of patient care
  • Safety Review: Pascal PSO reviews voluntary event reports or other safety information at levels agreed in consultation between Client and Pascal

  • Client Collaborative: Conference calls to address key emerging themes across Client led by a Pascal PSO patient safety expert

  • Financial Briefing: Webinar session for executives, key leaders, and especially CFO/finance group to educate on the cost of harm based on peer reviewed literature, Pascal National Collaborative data, and other Pascal PSO insight

  • Reliability Roadmap: Webinar session for senior executives and key leaders on how field is evolving in its effort to address patient safety, quality improvement, and risk management issues

  • Legal/Regulatory Briefing: provision of update on regulatory and legal issues related to the PSO, Qualified Health Plans, and related areas; review of recent court/judicial precedent, current proceedings, and potential impact; and other optional advisory work is available based on Client need (e.g. state-specific action related to peer review, etc.)


We have developed a results-oriented and clinically rich application model through more than 100 years of combined experience creating safer and more reliable healthcare delivery.

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Pascal HealthBench supports all of our applications as the first patient safety SaaS platform in healthcare, and is used by many of the world's leading healthcare delivery systems.

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