Since 2007, we have been helping hospitals understand how, why, and how much harm happens. We have worked with more than 1,200 hospitals and health systems around the world to improve safety culture, reduce harm, and reduce costs.

Our solutions combine scientific, clinical, and technological expertise. This integrated approach maps to the complexity of the problems our client partners face, and ensures our solutions are useful for both front line improvement and executive-level visibility. We offer solutions that span the entire patient safety continuum.

All of our solutions are anchored by the field's leading patient safety analytics (PSA) protected within the industry's first certified and fully audited Patient Safety Organization (PSO).

Safety Culture Management

You can't reduce harm risk without understanding the staff dynamics that cause it. Our culture and staff dynamics surveys - including AHRQ’s SOPS and SAQ surveys - help you do that with the utmost precision. Learn more.

Patient Harm Management

Detect electronic all cause harm with clinically-validated automated surveillance. Use that real-time safety and risk information to find population-level trends and to improve at the point of care. Learn more.

Predictive Harm Analytics

Together with our National Collaborative members, we are developing ways to predict all cause harm through data analytics. Learn more.


Create a custom PSO Solution tailored to your organization. Learn more.