Keeping over one million visits safe each year

The ever-increasing complexity of healthcare delivery requires that hospitals automate their approach to harm detection. Existing identification methods miss 90-95% of adverse events. Any hospital hoping to create a safer environment must close that gap with technology that, when applied using a clinically credible methodology, can scale reliably, actionably, and accurately across all patients and all potential harm events.

Our harm management solution is widely acknowledged to be unique in its ability to identify, track, and manage all cause harm using real-time health IT data. We combine clinically-validated sociotechnical methods and clinically-informed user experience design with multi-tenant cloud-based technology to ensure that our solution is safe, useful, and cost-effective for everyone from the frontline caregivers to the system-level leadership.

Our innovative approach to measuring and monitoring patient harm is based on:

  • Clinical judgement - Our Clinical Services leaders bring to bear more than 100 years of combined experience researching, analyzing, and applying safety and quality improvement across different units of the hospital. We develop products with a focus on delivering the very best usability that minimize operational friction and thereby increase user adoption.

  • Small and Big Data - Pascal manages the largest “Small Data” set of clinically confirmed adverse events in the industry, within one of the largest patient safety data sets in the world. In addition, Pascal this year will be managing more than a billion events in its real-time cloud service, Pascal PRIME, enabling powerful normalized benchmarking services across our entire client community.

  • Product Suite - Our solutions are supported by Pascal HealthBench, hosting our product suite which provides a field-leading and seamless user experience across various Pascal applications services for our many clients to date, which number over 1,200 hospitals and health systems. Our applications enjoy advanced reporting and analytics, complex healthcare-tailored user management capabilities, support of a wide range of browsers, and many other field-leading features and functionality.

  • Clinical & Scientific Algorithms - Pascal HealthBench includes a validated, cloud-based library patient safety analytics, anchored with a large set of clinical triggers which are based both on evidence-based logic and from the practical experience of leading health systems. Pascal continuously improves and adds analytics and triggers through analysis of thousands of predicting variables, machine learning, and other advanced methods of clinical informatics and data science.

  • Hypersecure Cloud - Pascal’s Patient Real-time Interoperable Metrics Engine (PRIME) lies at the heart of our hypersecure cloud service, which connects all of our clients on an EHR-agnostic real-time clinical data network.  We use some of the most advanced technologies for real-time services, such as complex event processing (CEP) enabling the application of run-time software algorithms against real-time streaming data. All of this occurs using secure protocols in a regulatory-compliant environment (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, PSO, and more), applying best practices from other high risk industries.

We deliver real and measurable results because we combine the right clinical methodology and the right technology to support scale and cost-effective execution.

Our methodology is designed to create enduring change across healthcare organizations, everywhere from the front line to the executive offices. It's been developed by our team of experts in safety, quality and process improvement, in concert with Collaborative partners. Our technology platform helps them execute on their vision. That's our sweet spot--bringing together the methodology and the technology needed to achieve results.


We have developed a results-oriented and clinically rich application model through more than 100 years of combined experience creating safer and more reliable healthcare delivery.

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Pascal HealthBench supports all of our applications as the first patient safety SaaS platform in healthcare, and is used by many of the world's leading healthcare delivery systems.

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Our solutions are developed to lead to measurable impact where it matters, for the hospital and the patient. We look forward to opportunities to measure that impact with you.

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