Safety Advisory Subscription

The Safety Advisory Subscription is an expert Patient Safety Organization (PSO) clinical service that complements and builds upon Pascal’s companion Risk Trigger® Monitoring Subscription; all Risk Trigger® Monitoring Subscription clients are required to use the Safety Advisory Subcription. Based on extensive experience in pioneering trigger-based adverse event detection and associated quality improvement to reduce patient harm, clients use the Safety Advisory service to drive even stronger results, ensuring clinical integration with their patient safety, quality improvement, and risk management programs.

patient safety expert team data analysis


Pascal’s real-time PSO expert Safety Advisory team supports the client in maximizing return on investment (ROI) of Risk Trigger® Monitoring and provides support, troubleshooting, and coaching in the implementation of interventions and improvement undertaken by the client. The Safety Advisory Subscription complements existing hospital and system quality and safety resources. The experts that Pascal brings to bear have a unique understanding of both Pascal’s foundational all-cause harm system, as well as deep experience in combining quality improvement with the use of real-time clinical data. Further, Pascal’s Safety Advisory Subscription helps a client standardize the use of all-cause harm data across a health system as well as in aligning with best practices and regulatory direction across leading health systems.

As part of the Safety Advisory Subscription, clients receive the following enhanced support:

  1. Clinical Implementation
  2. Physician & Clinical Engagement
  3. Concurrent Intervention Programmatic Support
  4. Rapid-Cycle Quality Improvement Programmatic Support
  5. Client-specific Services

For more information on the Safety Advisory Subscription, please contact us; our Clinical Services leaders would be pleased to describe how this service is enabling clients drive optimal value out of Pascal real-time PSO solutions.

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