Real-time Patient Safety Organization (PSO)

All of Pascal’s solutions and services benefit from real-time Patient Safety Organization (PSO) protection, enabling analysis and analytics to be free from legal subpoena and discovery within a “culture of safety” as provided by the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005.

Pascal was the first PSO using real-time data to be federally certified and fully audited by the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department.  As a real-time PSO, Pascal has pioneered the use of EHR triggers and the use of advanced health IT to measure, monitor, and manage all-cause harm within its PSO-protected “culture of safety.”

Due to its fine-grained, high-fidelity capability of detecting patient harm, Pascal’s flagship all-cause harm product suite, Risk Trigger® Monitoring works most effectively in a PSO-protected real-time environment.

All of Pascal’s services benefit from real-time PSO protection

For more information about Pascal’s real-time PSO services, and how to drive measurable value from a real-time PSO-protected environment, please contact us.

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