Outcome-driven PSO Services

Outcome-driven PSO Services

Outcome-driven Patient Safety Organization (“PSO”) Services

Outcome-driven PSO services:  what is this? In short, most traditional PSOs use voluntary event reporting (synonymous with incident reporting) data to identify safety problems.  This is known as the “see something, say something” approach, which peer-reviewed and real-world evidence substantiates only finds about 5% of patient harm.  Event reporting is a useful source of learning but not — lacking accuracy, timeliness, or actionability — a source of measurement.

Instead, Pascal’s entire offering is driven by outcome-driven PSO services, specifically by clinically validated adverse event outcomes using real-time EHR data (“AE Outcomes”).  This U.S. certification provides a federal privilege, which permits analysis and analytics to be free from legal subpoena and discovery within a “culture of safety”.  The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 is the enabling statute, and the Patient Safety Rule of 2009 is the implementing regulation.

Pascal’s outcome-driven PSO services were the first using real-time EHR data to be federally certified and fully audited by the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department. Pascal pioneered the “wrapping” of evidence-based clinical methodology using EHR data and advanced real-time analytics within a fully audited PSO regulatorily approved policies and procedures.

Distinctive, if not unique, about the Pascal PSO is that all of its services are driven by AE Outcomes.  This enables optimal and improving measurement, monitoring, and management of safety vulnerabilities and quality variation.  Of any organization in global healthcare, Pascal holds the largest AE Outcomes data set worldwide.

Due to its fine-grained, high-fidelity capability of detecting patient harm, Pascal’s flagship all-cause harm product suite, Risk Trigger® Monitor — the software application anchoring Pascal’s virtual patient safety solutions — works most effectively in a PSO-protected real-time environment.

For more information about Pascal’s real-time PSO services, and how to drive measurable value from a real-time PSO-protected environment, please contact us.

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