Community Collaboratives:  Pascal hosts community-wide collaboratives, such as the U.S. National Collaborative for the Automation of Patient Safety and Improvement, which was launched to demonstrate the use of real-time EHR data to reduce patient harm and related cost — and align with publicly stated regulatory direction.

Enterprise Collaboratives:  Pascal hosts enterprise-wide collaboratives, enabling those within a health system to facilitate more easily safety and quality learning not only from the bedside to the boardroom, but also using health system-specific programs and data to improve the safety and reliability of care across all facilities.

For more information on participating in a Pascal collaborative, please contact us.

Collaborative Learning - Select Public Sessions

All of the Pascal Community Collaborative work is conducted within a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) environment, excepting a limited number of sessions which Pascal makes publicly available:

U.S. Community Collaborative: John Nance

John Nance, a longtime commercial airline pilot and founding board member of the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), addresses the Pascal Community Collaborative as a renowned safety expert, recounting the journey of aviation to take advantage of real-time data to improve safety and reliability.

Listen to the John’s presentation

U.S. Community Collaborative: Dr. David Classen

Dr. David Classen, Chief Medical Information Officer at Pascal Metrics, discusses a recent publication in the Journal of Patient Safety, “Examining the Relationship of an All-Cause Harm Patient Safety Measure and Critical Performance Measures,” co-authored with colleagues from Adventist Health System and Pascal Metrics.

Sammer et al – Harm & Frontline Performance

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