The only technology platform of its kind

Academically sound approaches to improvement struggle to scale unless backed by technology that can deliver in a clinical context. PRIME, our cloud services infrastructure, supports Pascal HealthBench and has been purpose-built for the health IT ecosystem, supporting rigorous analysis of health IT data in some of the largest and most complex healthcare systems. It does so while maintaining the integration, security, performance, and regulatory requirements of our healthcare partners and stakeholders.

Key components of our PRIME platform include:


Industry-leading security

PRIME is HIPAA-compliant and is the first and (currently) only federally-certified, successfully audited Patient Safety Organization (PSO) supporting real-time safety measurement and improvement. Our security and compliance protocols surpass the requirements for health IT and are similar to those of other security-sensitive industries such as banking and finance.

Unparalleled database

Our platform includes the largest database of both safety culture data and clinically confirmed adverse events in the world. This data comes from healthcare systems all over the world, in different geographies, with different dynamics, in different formats, and from different types of systems--academic, faith-based, community, integrated, and government. Our proprietary technology is able to standardize and normalize all of this diverse data into a single, usable format for analysis. By doing that at scale and in real time, we are able to discover patterns and trends others could not, thereby enabling our clinical partners to find and anticipate patient harm.

Multi-purpose Integration

PRIME supports patient safety and quality applications across a wide range of use cases, and that list continues to grow. Yet no matter how many distinct applications PRIME supports, our partners only need a single integration into the platform. This means that as the industry evolves and as dynamics change, PRIME users maintain a low total cost of ownership and have access to a fast, scalable platform.

Deployed through the cloud

We deliver our offering as a software-as-a-service to our healthcare partners. This platform technology decision allows us to develop quickly and efficiently, and allows our partners to benefit from low cost, high reliability, and high security. Our secure cloud deployment includes the ability to access our data through any number of form factors and locations, but that flexibility is always provided at the discretion of healthcare partners and in accordance with their security and privacy requirements.

built to enhance existing technology

We know that healthcare IT departments are resource constrained and have significant support obligations for large, mission-critical systems such as Electronic Health Records and Enterprise Data Warehouses. We have designed our cloud services to work with those systems complementarily and require minimal incremental IT work. Rather than bog down enterprise IT teams, PRIME reduces workload and can even serve as a useful accelerant.