Our Methodology

Our experts and clinicians have more than 100 years of combined experience enacting frontline change to improve healthcare processes and safety. This experience focuses on inserting necessary and distinct solutions at the right times within a process improvement journey in order to accelerate progress, rather than the set-it-and-forget-it approach taken with many technology solutions.

By adopting a hands-on, clinical approach, our team and our clients have been able to deliver and measure real improvement in terms of patient safety and healthcare reliability. We have enabled change management at more than 1,200 hospitals around the world, continuously refining our methodology and we gather more data on what works and what doesn't.

Our tested and verified clinical improvement process includes

  1. Establishing improvement foundations in close collaboration with organization and unit leaders in order to begin the improvement process.
  2. Guided data review with our trained experts who help interpret, analyze, find trends, and plan next steps based on a hospital's existing harm data and our research and analysis dashboards.
  3. Fostering improvement partnerships within a hospital and across work settings in order to create a baseline dialogue for issue discovery and begin sharing data baselines across the organization.
  4. Development of action plans to put the data to work and begin laying the groundwork for improvement. This includes stakeholder identification and briefings.
  5. Evaluation of quality improvement work with continual monitoring to ensure lessons learned are being adopted and acted upon, while also continuing data exploration to validate improvement.
  6. Best-practice development by examining what did and did not work from the improvement journey and codifying the improvement techniques in order to create lasting change.