About our collaborative approach

Pascal Metrics invites leading health systems to become members of National Collaboratives, both in the development of the culture of safety as well as in the automation of patient safety measurement and improvement. These Collaboratives are uniquely embedded in our federally certified Patient Safety Organization (PSO).

For example, our Collaborative focusing on the automation of patient safety measurement and improvement:

  • Demonstrates the viability and utility of automated all-cause harm measurement that combines detection of potential adverse events with an efficient, validated, clinically-managed authentication workflow. Together, a more automated workflow wrapped with clinical judgement reliably documents adverse events and patient harm at patient-, unit-, hospital-, and system-levels.
  • Uses automated clinical triggers compatible with all major EHR platforms and other health IT systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of detecting patient harm.
  • Adds and optimizes health IT triggers over time as part of a broader approach to instrumenting healthcare organizations for patient safety and for improving learning systems as described by the Institute of Medicine. This incurs less organizational risk for clients, captures and capitalizes on learning over time, and is superior to delivering a “big bang” launch.
  • Journeys toward the goal of using adverse event data in real-time to ameliorate or avoid harm as close as possible to the point of care and across the continuum.