Scott Smith

Managing Director, User Experience Research & Design

Scott Smith Pascal Metrics Managing Director User Experience Research and Design
Scott is the Managing Director of User Experience (UX) Research & Design at Pascal Metrics.  He conducts interviews and in-depth research to empathize with our users and understand how they approach their work.  He also works closely with product management and engineering to ensure those users’ needs are incorporated in the final product design.

Scott started his career as a clinical psychologist.  His education and training in how to listen to people, analyze their behavior, and understand their needs serves him well as a user experience specialist.  He has been practicing and teaching others how to gather actionable product insights from customer interviews for almost 20 years.

Scott has designed award-winning user experiences for major entities in the health care, insurance, and financial industries including: The Cleveland Clinic, The Advisory Board Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and The Hartford Financial Services Group.

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