Protected Patient Safety Analytics for
Healthcare Safety, Risk & Reliability

Pascal Metrics is the field leader in measuring and improving patient safety through advanced Patient Safety Analytics (PSA). We create expertise and systems uniquely capable of meeting the challenges safety, risk and reliability leaders in the emerging health IT environment. Together with our healthcare system client partners, Pascal's solutions manage and reduce risk for many millions of patients each year.

Our team consists of clinicians, scientists and technologists focused on delivering real, impactful results. We have more than 100 years of combined experience researching and developing solutions to improve patient safety and increase clinical reliability. As a federally-certified and fully audited real-time Patient Safety Organization (PSO), we are dedicated to advancing the field of patient safety risk. Our National Collaboratives facilitate the sharing of best practices and guide the development of patient safety solutions for the industry.

Are you a healthcare organization leader?

We all know healthcare can be dangerous. Across America, each patient who walks into a hospital has a 1 in 3 chance of being injured during their stay. Patient harm is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S., at an estimated 440,000 deaths per year it is just behind cancer and heart disease. This may equate to around fifty deaths per hospital. Only a small fraction of these avoidable injuries are reported. About 90% of these harms go unnoticed.

Are you a healthcare finance or risk leader?

The burden of errors, omissions and complications - which we call "harm" - is called waste in other industries. It creates huge variability in patient outcomes and cost per case. The resulting additional, unnecessary procedures, longer hospital stays, increased mortality, and other factors that add an estimated $33-$63 billion in cost to acute care each year in the United States alone, and likely much more. Pascal routinely is able to quantify around $1 million of this cost per 100 beds at our clients from the additional cost per case alone. This does not include the additional liability costs, CMS penalties, or downstream costs of care that are important to ACOs and payers.

Are you a clinical leader?

We all know the hippocratic oath starts with with the phrase, "First, do no harm." While this is every clinician's aim, the reality is more complex. To remain safe in a complex cultural and technical environment clinicians ideally need to measure and understand their surroundings. Pilots found this in air travel 50 years ago and the resulting infrastructure of control towers and background surveillance systems enable them to turn a horribly unsafe activity into one with an essentially perfect safety record.

Our Solutions

Across the patient treatment continuum, we provide PSO solutions to enable hospitals to measure, monitor, and reduce their rates of harm. We also help surface safety information for continuous learning.

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We deliver material value through clinically-validated methodologies, a scalable technology platform, and one of the best data sets in patient safety. We have applied this approach to some of the largest and most complex healthcare systems.

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