We help hospitals improve patient safety & clinical reliability

Hospitals are dangerous places. Each patient who walks into a hospital has a one-in-three chance of being injured during his or her stay. While hospitals have made tremendous strides in improving patient care, these improvements have impacted only a small fraction of these avoidable injuries--about 90% of them still go unreported and unnoticed. This results in additional and unnecessary procedures, longer hospital stays, increased mortality, and other factors that add at least $30 billion in cost to acute care each year in the United States alone, and likely much more.

There's a path forward. Leading hospitals are improving patient safety and the quality of care by developing an understanding of what causes harm and by monitoring a broad range of harm on an ongoing basis. That's where Pascal Metrics comes in. Our approach brings together a clinically-validated methodology and technology to help hospitals improve the safety and reliability of patient care, ultimately saving lives.

Our Solutions

Across the patient treatment continuum, we provide solutions to enable hospitals to measure, monitor, and reduce their rates of harm. We also help surface safety information for continuous learning.

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We deliver material business value through clinically-validated methodologies and a scalable technology platform. We have applied this approach to some of the largest and most complex healthcare systems.

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